How To Sit For The Camera


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How to Sit for the Camera
Shruti Chamaria

36 pages
Soft cover

"How to Sit for the Camera is a selection of photographs taken by me during my
visits to some of the oldest and most unusual photo studios in Mumbai and
Bengaluru, India.

These documentations were triggered by my curiosity towards the studios and
the people who frequent them, the backdrops the customers enjoy posing against
and the props that they choose – fascinating glimpses into individual fantasies
and popular tastes, highlighting social, technological, economic and cultural
transformations in metropolitan India. Desires, memories, and stories of individuals
and communities come together in the experience of each studio – whether
that experience is a customer’s, the cameraman’s, the lightman’s, or that of an
interested visitor like me – it speaks of broader shifts in people’s tastes, interests,
self-image and understanding of human portraiture."