What is Nature Study?

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What is Nature Study?
Esther McManus

A selection of writings that explore the Nature Study movement and its continued relevance.

“The enjoyment of nature, like the enjoyment of art, music or literature, is a creative act. It is not a matter of passive exposure but of active involvement; with wild nature, as with man's art, we see only what interests us, what means something to us.
The world of nature is beautiful or ugly, fascinating or dull, thrilling or frightening, according to the mental lens through which we view it. The quality of our experience depends in large measure on the powers of interpretation.”
Paul Brooks, from the National Audubon Society’s Manual of Outdoor Interpretation, 1968

This is the third issue of the Potluck series.

See You At The Potluck is a series of pamphlets which explore intimate experiences and develop personal voices. Collaborating with individuals and groups, we work together to publish a document meaningful experience and previously under-explored histories.